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Sat 5p Sun 9:15 or 11:15a

Welcome to Hobson!

The Compass Church consists of one body, with one mission, meeting in different locations and at slightly different times.

Our mission is: To Love Him More So More Love Him

And our vision is to become a community of life transformation taking the hope of the gospel here, near and far.

If you want to learn a little bit more about who we are, you can read about our history and our core beliefs. If you're ready to dive right in, we recommend attending a weekend service or joining a Group.

You can also become a fan of The Compass Church page on Facebook.

Welcome Video from Campus Pastor Darrell Cloud

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New to The Compass Church?

Weekend Services

Most people start by attending one of our weekend services. No need to dress up - our services are designed to be casual, but meaningful. Our worship experience is contemporary, designed to focus our hearts toward God, and uses an eclectic mix of music, drama and media.

The teaching is Biblical, practical and relevant. If you are a visiting, we don't expect you to put money in the offering, and you are welcome to just let it pass you by.

Compass Central

Our staff and leaders would love to meet you. If you're a first-time guest, make sure to stop by Compass Central. We have a gift to thank you for visiting, plus additional information about The Compass Church and how you can get connected here.

Discover The Compass

New to The Compass Church or want to learn more about us? Join us for an informal class and meal to learn more about The Compass Church - what we are all about, the ministries we offer, and ways you can connect. We look forward to meeting you! The next date for Discover the Compass will be coming soon.


We welcome you to visit our children's ministry and would be thrilled to have you part of our faith community. As a parent, you know first-hand how tough it is to raise kids - especially kids who love and follow Jesus. The good news is you are not alone. We believe that God has called the Church to come alongside parents by equipping and supporting them to raise spiritual champions. For that reason, we are deeply committed to our mission to join parents on the journey of raising kids.

Your baby's first experience with church will be safe and secure. You will find dedicated, loving, and trained caregivers who are ready to welcome your baby into our Infant Nursery. For every 2 children there will always be one caregiver. The toys are cleaned weekly and safety is our top priority. If your child cries for ten minutes, you will be notified via the side screens in the main service. Let our caregivers know about your requests and special instructions and they will be glad to accommodate you. Our nursery is overflowing with lots of tender loving care.

Our Toddler class is the first opportunity your child has to learn about the exciting stories and lessons from the Bible. There is lots of fun to be had with bubbles, blocks, books, balls, and a floor full of toys. They may be small, but they still get to hear the same Bible story that their older brother or sister is learning in the older classrooms. If your child needs you or cries for more than 10 minutes you will be notified via the side screens in the main service.

These classrooms are buzzing with activity! There are loads of toys, puzzles, balls, books and blocks for every child to explore. These little ones love the lively praise music and motions. Your child will experience an interactive, fun, and engaging lesson that walks through the Bible in chronological order. They learn the same lesson that is taught throughout CompassKids so we hope you find them talking to their older siblings about the Bible story. To top it all off, a toddler sized craft is completed and proudly taken home for display. Our 2 and 3-year-old teachers and caregivers provide plenty of loving one-on-one interaction. We can't wait to meet you.

Your 4 and 5-year-old will walk into an adventure of fun in our Preschool-K classroom. There are plenty of preservice activities to trigger your child's imagination and engage them in the lesson of the day. The children meet in a large group, just like the "big kids", and hear the same Bible story too! We teach God's word in chronological order so that children can begin to see the big picture of God's great love for people. In small groups, your child will make a fun craft that they will be excited to show you and then take home. We recommend getting your child one of our recommended Bibles so they can continue their faith journey at home and beyond.

This is a critical age for faith development. As children's minds grow, they are able to ask tough questions and ponder deep thoughts about God and his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. We not only welcome, but embrace, the opportunity to help children understand that a Christian worldview is both rational and personal. We want children to know God's truth as well as feel God's love for them personally. We continue teaching the Bible in chronological order so we can focus on God's big plan of redemption. Every lesson is infused with high-energy fun, memorable activities, clear teaching along with times of small group discussion, application, and even quiet reflection. We are confident that your child will not want to miss out on the fun, friends, and faith-development that happens every weekend!

If you find that your child is a little wiggly or you just want to stay together as a family, we have a Family Room available for you! There are a few toys provided for younger children, and you can watch the service through a live-feed television in the room. The Family Room is located outside the Worship Center next to the main doors in the Atrium Lobby.

We know that parenting today is more challenging than ever. We also know that as parents and guardians, you are the primary influence in your child's life. Who you are and what you do really matters. Through our resources and classes, we want to equip and support you so that you can parent your child intentionally. You are not alone. We want to join you in your journey. We echo the words of The Home Depot, "You can do it. We can help."

Our Mission

To join parents on the journey of raising kids…
To Love Him More
So More Love Him.

Our Vision

To become a transformational children's ministry that God uses to raise up a generation of spiritual champions.

Our Values

As your partner we are committed to providing environments and people that live out the following values…

  1. We are Safe & Secure (We protect children from harm)
  2. We are Biblically Grounded (We love God and his word)
  3. We are Child Friendly (We love kids and having fun)
  4. We are Family Focused (We inspire, equip and support parents)
  5. We are Relationally Connected (We love & support one another)
  6. We are Livin' It! (We live what we teach as role models for kids)

Our Priorities

In order to fulfil our mission and vision, we must focus on what is most important. We are committed to focus on the following areas that are critical to any children's ministry…
Kid's Prayer (We will pray for our kids)
Kid's Place (We will provide a safe & fun place for kids to grow)
Kid's Program (We will engage kids with excellent teaching)
Kid's People (We will build up teams that minister to kids)
Kid's Parents (We will inspire, equip, and support parents as they lead)


Below is a link where you will find all our Go Home Guides that summarize the lesson we taught at church and preview the lesson that will be taught next week. This allows you to take the lead and read that Bible story together at home. We also have lots of other resources to equip you to be the spiritual leader in your home.

At The Compass Church, we LOVE kids! We've designed a fun, engaging, and faith-forming environment just for them! Children, infants through 5th grade, will experience God's truth and love at our three identical services every weekend. We want kids to be so excited about the lessons and friendships here that they actually drag you to church!

All of our classrooms teach the Bible in chronological order each year so children can clearly see God's big plan of redemption through every story. Everything we do is intended to help your child's faith grow. We invite you to take a look around our website for what to expect in our classrooms, and we hope to see you this weekend!

When you arrive, please come to one of our CompassKids Check In Stations. You'll be greeted by one of our New Family Hosts who will walk you through the quick and easy registration process. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and escort you and your children to their classrooms.

If your child (birth-5th grade) is a little wiggly or you just want to stay together as a family while you check out our church, we have a Family Room available for you! There are a few toys provided for younger children, and you can watch the service through a live-feed television in the room. The Family Room is located outside the Worship Center next to the main doors in the Atrium Lobby.

If you have any questions or concerns about your first visit, please don't hesitate to contact Dan Huffman at dhuffman@thecompass.net

CompassKids loves our volunteers! We believe that God will use you to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of our children, but we also believe that God will use your faithful service to grow your own faith! We have opportunities for adults and youth. Contact Dan Huffman to learn more.

Volunteer Application Youth Application Team Handbook Protection Policy Training

We are delighted to welcome you and your family to The Compass Church. If your child requires the assistance of a Special Buddy, please contact Monika Wagner at mwagner@thecompass.net prior to your first visit to The Compass Church


Showing the love of Christ to people with special needs and their families, So that they may come to know the love of Christ themselves.

The priorities of our special needs ministry are:

  • To provide necessary support to all children and families with special needs in order for them to participate in CompassKids and other church events.
  • Include children with special needs in CompassKids and other church events along with their peers.
  • Provide other children and adults the opportunity to show Christ's love by serving alongside children that need support.
  • Show the love of Christ and present the message of salvation so that all can understand.

For more information about our Special Needs Ministry, contact: Monika Wagner, Special Needs Ministry Coordinator at mwagner@thecompass.net

Download Special Needs Inclusion Form

Saturday and Sunday Services

In order to offer the best experience for children with special needs, each Saturday and Sunday we offer our inclusion-style classrooms at all services. Children with special needs are paired with a special buddy who will assist them throughout the service. The Special Buddies work as a one-on-one aide to help guide students through that day's lesson. Special Buddies help with transitions, communication, and modifying curriculum.


Special Buddies are also available for students with special needs who desire to participate in our Awana program

Support for Families

Parent Connection: Our Parent Connection group meets the first Thursday of every month at The Compass Church-Hobson Campus in the Family Room from 9:30-11:30 am

Sensory Room: A room for those who could benefit from a short break during services.

Buddy Break Respite Care: Join us on the second Friday of every month from 6-9p for our monthly Buddy Break- respite care for families of children with Special Needs. Contact Monika Wagner at mwagner@thecompass.net for more information.

Our Child Dedication Celebration is not just an event; it is the beginning of a partnership. It is our hope that we can continue to build the partnership between the church and your family so you have the support of a faith community as you build into the spiritual life of your child. This Child Dedication Class is offered quarterly, and is required before you can dedicate your child. Once the class has been completed, a dedication date will be set for your family, usually within the same month as the class.

Register for the next Child Dedication Here

We would love to meet with you to determine if your child is ready to be baptized. Please understand that child baptism is very different from infant baptism. The Compass Church does not practice the tradition of Infant Baptism simply because it is not commanded or demonstrated in Scripture. Instead, we dedicate our babies. See Child Dedication for more information.

As your child grows in their knowledge of God and his plan for their life, their faith in Christ will become personal - apart from yours. For many, this happens during their pre-teen and teenage years. Baptism is the next step for those who have put their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and the leader of their lives. If your child is asking you about this important step in their spiritual journey, please contact Dan Huffman at dhuffman@thecompass.net.

Dan Huffman
Pastor of CompassKids



All of our curriculum, along with videos and other resources is available via the link below.
Check it Out

Family Handbook

Our Family Handbook contains information on who we are, our philosophy of ministry, what we teach, how best to partner with us, along with important safety policies. Check it out.

Family Handbook

Awana Clubs

AWANA is a non-denominational ministry that is all about fun with a purpose - for kids to learn and know Christ!


Registration is now open for our 2017-18 season! Awana at the Hobson campus will run Wednesday evenings September 27 through April 18 from 6:30-8:15p. Our preschool Cubbies program ends at 8p. We will continue with our Grand Prix Pinewood derby and have lots of other fun surprises in store. We are expecting to reach capacity again in our Cubbies and Sparks programs, so register now using the link below.


Join Our Serving Team!

Want to help children grow in their walk with Jesus? We are looking for volunteers to listen to children recite Bible verses, play games, and help with administrative needs. Childcare will be provided to children of Awana volunteers (ages 2 & under). Register to serve using this link.



Games, puppets, crafts, and other activities transform our preschool program into a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.


Sparks club meetings combine learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. The aim of the curriculum is to take youngsters a step deeper into God's Word.


T&T reflects the passion of AWANA to teach boys and girls the truth of God's Word and how to follow Christ in their daily lives.

Get Involved

Want to help children grow in their walks with Jesus? Awana Clubs for The Compass/Hobson Campus is looking for great volunteers to listen to children recite Bible verses, play games, help with administrative needs and more. Childcare will be provided to children of Awana volunteers (ages 2 & under). If you're interested in volunteering, click here. If you have questions, please contact us at awanahobson@thecompass.net


Student Ministries at The Compass Church…

  • A place to fall in love with Jesus
  • A family to find your place
  • A group to discover your purpose
  • A life that is exciting

Come be a part of Journey (6th-8th grade) or High School Ministry (HSM) (9th-12th)


Join other High School students on Sunday Nights for celebration, worship, community and practical teaching centered around Jesus. Sunday Nights is where we can explore who God is and discover our role in His unfolding story. All are invited!

Sun 7-8:30p, hang time @ 6:30p
Jan 14 - May 6
HOB Basement


Journey Sunday Nights is the place to be if you are a Jr High student! Join other Jr High students for a time of fun, laughter, games, worship, and practical Biblical teaching. Make sure to invite a friend so they can experience what it means to be part of a community of change makers fueled by Jesus!

Sun 7-8:30p, doors open @ 6:30p
Jan 14 - May 6

George Knebel
Pastor of High School Ministries



At The Compass Church we are committed to helping adults grow spiritually and relationally. We believe that smaller communities are the perfect environment for facilitating spiritual growth, connection, engagement, and learning. Join a group today and start your journey with like-minded individuals.

Find a Group

Being a young adult is a time in life when we're making important life decisions, establishing or figuring out our careers, developing significant relationships, and discovering the many joys and frustrations of being adults. Our Young Adult ministry is a place where singles 20-35 join with one another in their journeys of faith to Pursue Him, Serve one another, Connect in community and Reach our world. We do this through small group gatherings, social events and service opportunities. For info, contact youngadultshobson@thecompass.net.

The Singles 35+ Ministry offers small and large group opportunities for single adults. We seek to build and strengthen healthy Christian relationships and create a strong community through Bible study, group activities, prayer and community service projects. God's love and guidance are awesome and apply to all of us, whether we are divorced, have never been married, have children, or are a widow or widower. We look forward to getting to know you! Small groups meet Monday nights at the Hobson campus. Childcare available. Other groups meet throughout the week. Search for open small groups online or stop by Compass Central on the weekends. For info, email singles35+hobson@thecompass.net.

The Middle Married Ministry at The Compass Church is for couples who are in the middle years of their marriage. Many have active kids and teenagers all the way through empty nesters. We encourage you to get involved in a Middle Marrieds small group. These groups meet on a regular basis to encourage their members' spiritual growth while sharing in different seasons of life together. Spending time with other couples in this way will nourish your heart, soul and mind and allow you to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus as well as strengthening your marriage. Search for open small groups online or stop by Compass Central on the weekends. For info, email middlemarriedshobson@thecompass.net.

Looking to connect with other couples? We have several small groups designed around this life stage. Young Married small groups meet throughout the week. Search for open small groups online or stop by Compass Central on the weekends. For info, youngmarriedshobson@thecompass.net.

It is during the responsibilities of mommyhood that many moms realize the need for deeper faith as well as a connection with other moms. Let's face it - parenting is really hard, and we need Christ to do it and fellowship with others. Moms Ministries at Hobson helps connect moms with mentors who've been there and biblical insight in an atmosphere of needed fellowship and mommy time. Our meetings are scheduled on a regular basis, some twice a month and some weekly. Search for open small groups online or stop by Compass Central on the weekends. For info, momshobson@thecompass.net.

We encourage women at The Compass Church to become part of a small or medium-sized group. We even offer women-only groups, which meet on a regular basis to encourage their members' spiritual growth while sharing in different seasons of life together. Spending time with others in this way will nourish your heart, soul and mind and allow you to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus as well as strengthening your relationships with others. Search for open small groups online or stop by Compass Central on the weekends. For info, womenshobson@thecompass.net.

The college years bring new opportunities and adventures. Our goal is to grow in the depth of our relationships, with Jesus and with others. We provide a place for college students to gather in small groups to have honest conversations about life, faith, and who Jesus is, along with opportunities to connect with others through larger group outings. For info, email collegehobson@thecompass.net

Men's Ministry at The Compass Church is open to men of all ages. We have groups that meet throughout the week. Groups are geared toward developing men who are biblical leaders in their homes and families as well as in their communities. Small groups of men meet during the week at various times. Regardless of your stage in life, we want to help you find a place to be an authentic Christian man following God in today's world. For info, email menshobson@thecompass.net.

The Compass Church offers a number of international friendly small groups. Native-speaking small group and mixed international groups can make your group feel even more like being part of a family. Search our international groups online. For info, contact internationalshobson@thecompass.net.

The Senior Adults Ministry at The Compass Church is open to all. Small groups meet during the week. Additionally, a group of single and married senior adults gathers together every Sunday for community, live teaching from the Bible and worship. This Sunday morning gathering is called Growing in Grace, and we meet at 10:30a Sundays in Hobson S102. Socials throughout the year provide opportunities to get together and have fun. For more info, email seniorshobson@thecompass.net.

The Cross-Generational Ministry at The Compass Church spans all ages and stages of life. We are excited to be a community that offers a place for everyone - single or married, with or without children, young or older! Small groups meet throughout the week and place importance on both BIble study and fellowship. Check out a group to deepen friendships with fellow believers and deepen your knowledge and faith in God. For info, email crossgenhobson@thecompass.net.

Darrell Cloud
Executive Pastor
Campus Pastor


Join a Group

Find a Group

Community Impact

Community Impact provides the people of the Hobson Campus with opportunities to love our neighbors. We are focused on three opportunity areas:

Students Under Stress

Neighbors in Need

Families Facing Homelessness

For more information, contact communityimpacthobson@thecompass.net